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Very few people are born with perfect teeth; most are simply forced to live with imperfections that can be minor or major. Some will suffer from a lifetime of embarrassment because of an overbite, gapped teeth, or missing teeth without ever looking into the possibility of cosmetic dentistry. Experts in dental care can provide almost any type of enhancement procedures to improve the appearance of your teeth, from whitening to straightening, replacement or placement. Don’t spend your life covering your smile – visit with a dental clinic that can give you a beautiful smile in a surprisingly affordable and often quick way.

Depending upon your specific needs, you can find experts in cosmetic dentistry that can employ long lasting tooth whitening procedures. Many people will find that years of coffee drinking, smoking or antibiotics use has darkened their teeth to a marked degree. However, you can either get tooth bleaching or veneers to immediately lighten your teeth by several shades. The bleaching may need to be repeated, depending on the colour of the teeth, but the veneers are an instant fix to yellow or dark teeth. The veneers can also help disguise imperfections such as crooked teeth or chips on the teeth.

For those who need to straighten their imperfect or crooked teeth, have an under bite or an over bite, cosmetic dentistry can be a permanent solution. Braces, otherwise known as orthodontics, are a process of using tension and time to gradually move the teeth where they need to be. Invisalign is a method of braces that cannot be easily seen, and it may take up to two years to complete this process. Six month braces are just that – moving the front teeth within a six month period of time to ensure a more even set of front teeth permanently. Anyone who has completed the six month braces process please feel free to comment below

Another type of cosmetic dentistry involves dentures, bridges and implants. Many people lose their teeth from either trauma or aging, and this can be distressing for both cosmetic and practical reasons. When many or all of the teeth need to be replaces, dentures are topically applied false teeth that are removed daily for cleaning and for sleep. Bridges are false teeth that may be for one missing tooth or several, and bridges are also removable. Implants are permanent replacements that look like real teeth, but not all people are candidates. Visit with a cosmetic dentistry expert to find the smile you have always wanted.


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