6 Month Braces – What are your options

Are your front teeth crooked? Are you looking for a way to straighten your teeth in the shortest amount of time? Then six month braces could be your ideal solution.

Many people today want to have straighter teeth, and conventional orthodontic therapies traditionally can take up to 18 months to complete. However with six month braces which uses a revolutionary new way of moving the teeth treatment times can be reduced to… Well, six months!

Are all orthodontic braces used for six months?

The answer to this is no, sometimes we may need to do nine month braces and sometimes the treatment can be completed in three months. It’s all rather depends on the severity of your crooked teeth and how much orthodontics is actually required in order to move your teeth to the final position.

Our six month braces invisible?

Six month braces come into options, you can either have metal braces which tend to move teeth slightly quicker, or you can opt for our tooth coloured or white braces which blend in and look far more invisible than the metal alternative. The tooth coloured braces don’t however move teeth quite so quickly, so you will need to make a choice as to which option you prefer.

What is the cost of six month braces?

This treatment does of course vary depending upon which dentist in Dublin you decide to go to, the treatment for braces from our particular practice in the heart of Dublin 2 starts from €2500 and goes up to €4000 depending upon the exact details, complexity and treatment plan that is required to remove your teeth.

We can also offer a finance package for your braces, this would then spread the payment over the period of treatment making it a far more affordable orthodontic option. We do however ask for €500 as a deposit.

More information on the cost of six month braces

Are six month braces only for children?

braces and Tom CruiseNo, this orthodontic system has been designed specifically for the use on adults. More and more adults are opting to have orthodontics and it is now commonly acceptable that adults wear braces. Even celebrities such as Tom Cruise has been seen to wear braces similar to 6 month braces.

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