Treatment options in orthodontics

  Compare and contrast the use of the following in orthodontics: Removable appliances, Functional appliances, Fixed appliances.   Introduction Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry concerned with facial growth, with development of the dentition and occlusion and with the diagnosis, interception and treatment of occlusal anomalies. (Mitchell L, 2001) Teeth move in response to forces. […]

Dental implants cost

The price of dental implants is an important factor when choosing different treatment options. We first need to understand what are the benefits of dental implants? Why choose dental implants? A dental implant feels and looks like your own tooth, since they integrate into the jaw bone. They don’t cause recession from the jaw bone, a […]

Braces Dublin

People who have an imperfect occlusion or misaligned teeth can have their teeths corrected using dental braces. Depending on the type of problem their teeth have, a crooked bite, wide gaps or malplaced teeth, the orthodontist will assess a customer’s situation and recommend just what kind of treatment the teeth could require. One of these […]

Assessing and treating crowding in the 6 month braces patient

Crowding in orthodontic terms is defined as mild moderate or severe. There are a number of methods of relieving crowding 1)IPR or enamel stripping. 2)Tooth extraction. 3)Arch expansion. The primary method of relieving crowding for six month braces is enamel stripping. This involves using .2/.3 or .5 mm round discs in the straight handpeice at […]

Assessment of the 6 month braces patient

Skeletal assessment. Its important to anaylse the patients skeletal pattern. In laymans terms we need to assess the mandibular position relative to the maxilla. A class 1 patient will present with a mandible in the correct position. The easiest way to tell this is from a profile photo. A straight line drawn downwards from the philtrum […]

6 month braces dublin

As a provider of six month braces in Dublin we have been asked by a number of dentists to provide training for them so that they can also provide 6 month braces and other orthodontic treatments for their patients. Many dentists are unwilling to provide multiple dental veneers for young patients who present with cosmetic concerns […]

6 month braces. Molesworth Dental Clinic dublin 2

We have decided to post a few snippets of information for our patients regarding the different treatments available at our dental clinic. As dentists we are often asked a series of similar questions from patients regarding certain treatments. Below I will answer a few common questions regading the wondeful 6 month braces technique! How are […]