Dental Implants – the options for the people of Dublin

Do you have missing teeth? Closing the gaps is not only a question of looking better, but also a question of ensuring that your dental health stays in top form for the long-term, let us explain…

When you have all of your teeth your mouth is in balance and harmony, the teeth touch one another which prevents them moving backwards and forwards, they also meet the opposing teeth on the top or bottom jaw, this prevents them from over erupting. Your tongue and cheek also apply pressure to your teeth which keeps them balanced and in harmony on your jaw.

If one of these contacts is removed then the teeth have a tendency to drift. In other words, if a tooth is taken out then the adjacent teeth or have a tendency to fall and collapse into this space, also the tooth on the opposite jaw will have a tendency to over erupt down into this gap.

In the short-term this does not present a problem, however in the long-term it could create bite problems and mean that your teeth become more difficult, complex and expensive to treat as you get older. So if you have a missing teeth it is important to deal with this as soon as possible, but what are your options.

Options for replacing missing teeth in our Dublin Dental practice.

Our practice in Dublin offers three alternatives to replace missing teeth.

  • Dentures.
  • Dental bridges.
  • Dental implants.

Generally speaking dentures are not preferred by the vast majority of the population, people tend not to want to be able to take their false teeth out. Dental bridges are often a viable alternative however they do involve cutting down the teeth either side of the space to provide the bridge support for the new tooth which goes into the gap.

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Dental implants however, do not require any reduction or interference with the adjacent teeth, this means they are far more healthy and conservative in their treatment.

The cost of dental implants.

In the short term it can often be viewed at dental implants are more expensive, however if you have only one tooth then we are only treating one tooth with a dental implant. If you opt for a bridge then in order to replace one tooth, we often need to make three teeth as we need to support the new tooth. Depending on your exact situation, it can often be more expensive replacing free teeth than using one dental implants.

The other thing to consider is that dental implants are more likely to last longer than a dental bridge. This means that over the course of your life dental implants can often work out to be the most cost effective option.

What else can dental implants be used for?

Dental implants are always used to replace teeth, however we would normally place one single crown on top, or perhaps four or five crowns bridged over two or three implants. It is also possible to place 2 to 4 implants to stabilise a loose denture.

Molesworth dental clinic is a practice in the heart of Dublin, they have a special interest in the replacement of missing teeth using dental implants. If you would like more information or a free consult to discuss your options please give the practice a call on the local Dublin number.

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