Denture stabilisation with dental implants

Do you have dentures which are loose all wobbly? Perhaps your dentures fall out when you eat and you find it difficult to eat, smile and chew with confidence?

Let us explain your options for denture stabilisation if you live in Dublin.

How do we stabilise dentures?

Many people struggle for years we dentures the fallout, the first thing to question is whether your dentures fit accurately or not. This should be the first port of call.

However, sometimes a patient’s jaw is just not suitable in shape to necessitate the suction required to keep a denture in place. If you have a shallow palette or not much bone on your lower jaw then dentures have a tendency to slip and slide around.

What’s the solution?

Option 1 to stabilise dentures.

There are a couple of options, you can either opt for a full fixed bridge which sits on a number of dental implants (typically between four and six) this is a permanent and fixed option which he would be unable to remove, this would do away with you loose denture permanently. In many instances it can be made to look as though the teeth are growing out of your gums again, providing a very natural and aesthetic appearance.

Option 2 to stabilise dentures.

We could also place between two and four implants with small clips on top, these clips can be made to fit inside your existing denture. This is often a preferred solution as many patients are happy with the athletics of their existing denture, they just want to stop it moving about. Stabilising dentures this way is an ideal solution.

Of course, if you wish to have a brand-new denture at the same time this is also possible.

Am I suitable for denture stabilisation with dental implants?

As ever, only a full and detailed dental examination will be able to tell for sure. Sometimes it may be required to have some bone grafting to build up the amount of bone in either your upper or lower jaw, this is to give enough bone for the dental implant to fit into and remain strong enough.

We offer a free consultation for dental implants, please take a look at the form at the bottom of his website and complete it to take us up on this offer.

How long does it take to stabilise a denture with implant?

The process takes around six months from initial planning stages to final implementation. Normally we would need to place the dental implants then allow time for them to heal before finally fixing them to your denture. There are however instances where we can place the denture directly on top of the implant at the time of dental implants surgery, however it is not possible to promise this in every case as it rather depends upon the amount and quality of bone that you have in your jaw. Only a full dental implants assessment would tell this for sure.

Molesworth dental clinic is a small family run dental practice in the heart of Dublin, we provide denture stabilisation with dental implants to the local people of Dublin. Please call us today to book your free dental implants consultation.


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