Dublin’s Instant Veneers

If your teeth are crooked, chipped or broken down in any way then it could be that your smile can be restored using a simple bonding technique or instant veneers.

How are instant veneers made?

Instant dental veneers are made by applying a thin layer of special dental composite material to the outer surface of your tooth. This material very closely matches the natural colour and texture of your natural teeth. The dentist has a range of these materials in different colours and translucency is which he can apply to the surface of your tooth.

Prior to applying this instant veneer material, your dentist will gently roughen the surface of the tooth to ensure a good bond.

Once the instant dental veneer is finished, your dentist will polish it to the same texture as your surrounding teeth.

Am I suitable for instant veneers?

If you have one or two teeth that have some mild discolouration, pitting or chips in them then you could be suitable for the instant veneer treatment. If you have many teeth that are rotated then it could be that orthodontics is the best solution.

In some cases if your teeth are slightly discoloured or have some chips and are crooked then we can straighten your teeth using invisible braces for six month braces, then we can lighten them with teeth whitening and finally we can apply the instant composite veneer material over the surface of your tooth to achieve the final result.

How long do instant veneers last from your Dublin dental practice?

This type of dental veneer has a tendency not to last as long as conventional ceramic dental veneers. However due to the fact that they are simple to repair, a quick visit to the dentist is all that is required and your instant veneers can be repaired very quickly.

The composite material used for this type of veneer also may pick up cigarette and stains from food and drink more readily than a conventional veneer. So you will need to ensure that your oral hygiene routine is maintained and that you keep your instant dental veneers clean.

What is the cost of instant veneers?

Generally speaking instant veneers are less expensive than conventional ceramic veneers. This is because ceramic veneers require a skilled dental technician to make them for you, this clearly has an added expense making the overall ceramic veneers more expensive than instant composite veneers.

To know exactly how much instant veneers will cost you, the best thing to do is to book for an assessment at the practice. We can then do a full and detailed cosmetic dental assessment to decide exactly if instant veneers are suitable for you, and to give you a full treatment plan including the cost.

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