6 Month Braces Reviews

Patients are often asked to us for reviews of our six month braces treatments, and so in this blog post we thought it the ideal opportunity to show you some before and after photographs of patients that have been treated with six month braces.

Six month braces review number one.

This patient disliked how crooked her teeth were, particularly the canines which were excessively protruding, one can also see that the gum line across the tops of each teeth is also not even. Ideally the gum line needs to be in exact alignment with the top lip when you are smiling, when you look at the after photograph you can see that the six month braces were able to align the teeth to ensure they matched the top lip.

Six month braces review number two

This patient did not like the gaps and spaces between her teeth, typically these spaces look black and dark when you smile and can often be caused by thumb sucking or tongue thrusting as either a child or an adult. You can see that the six month braces were able to re-align teeth, ensuring that the all important spaces are closed, and that the gum margin naturally matches the top lip.


Six month orthodontics review number three

Often teeth can be very rotated and twisted. Look at this patients tooth on the left of the photograph (patients right) this is severely rotated, this not only affects the aesthetics of the smile but also the ability for the patient to keep their teeth clean. Rotated teeth make it difficult to get the toothbrush into the  spaces and flossing can also be very difficult.

six month braces

Reviews on six month braces number four.

This two front teeth were splayed outwards, this makes the teeth look like buck teeth. For Younger adults engaged in any form of contact sport this can be a particular problem as the teeth can be more prone to chipping. Realignment with orthodontic braces can therefore mean the teeth are brought back into line and less vulnerable.

six month braces

Molesworth Dental Clinic in the heart of Dublin 2, is a cosmetic dental practice with a special interest and orthodontics using the six month braces technique. This orthodontics system uses a slightly different approach to tooth movement meaning the results can be achieved much quicker than with conventional orthodontic appliances.


The practice offer a free consultation for anyone interested, so please complete the voucher request form here.

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