6 Month Braces Reviews

Patients are often asked to us for reviews of our six month braces treatments, and so in this blog post we thought it the ideal opportunity to show you some before and after photographs of patients that have been treated with six month braces.

6 Month Braces – What are your options

Are your front teeth crooked? Are you looking for a way to straighten your teeth in the shortest amount of time? Then six month braces could be your ideal solution.

Assessing and treating crowding in the 6 month braces patient

Crowding in orthodontic terms is defined as mild moderate or severe. There are a number of methods of relieving crowding 1)IPR or enamel stripping. 2)Tooth extraction. 3)Arch expansion. The primary method of relieving crowding for six month braces is enamel stripping. This involves using .2/.3 or .5 mm round discs in the straight handpeice at […]