Dental Implants

What are Dental implants?

Dental implants are one way of replacing missing teeth. The best way to think of a dental implant is as a replacement root. The dental implant is gently inserted into the area where the exisitng root was. After a period of osseointegration ( term given to describe the attachment of the bone to the dental implant) The new implant can act as a support to crowns, bridges or as an attachment to secure a denture.

Dental implant treatment normally has two stages. First, the implant is gently threaded in the exisitng bone of the jaw. Then, when osseointegration has occured, typically 3-4 months, replacement teeth are attached to the implant. In some situations it is possible for temporary teeth to be attached to an implant at the time of fitting.

Would implants be right for me?

First, you should decide whether implants could be right for you. Contact us to arrange an complementary dental implant consultation. With the use of our advanced CT scanning facilities and clinical experience we will let you know the possibilities. Our team will be only too happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Why would you choose Molesworth Clinic for your Dental implant needs?

  • We place over 250 implants per year
  • We only use the highest quality dental implants
  • We guarantee all implant work for 5 years
  • We are very competeive on price without compromise on quality