Anti-Wrinkle Facial Rejuvenation

159012251Our facial rejuvenation practitioner Dr. Audrey Dore – Geraghty trained in the technique of administering anti-wrinkle treatment in both London and New York City.

She has been administering anti-wrinkle treatments in Dublin for over 2 years @ Molesworth Clinic where she is the co-owner and principal dental surgeon.

“a good reason patients prefer to come to see me for facial rejuvenation treatment rather than a regular cosmetic clinic is because they are attending a dental clinic, so no-one would be any wiser as to what treatment they are receiving”

The aim of  anti-wrinkle treatment is to provide the patient with a more youthful look, where lines are reduced and sometimes eliminated.

There are 3 main areas which we treat, these are: The Crows feet or laughter lines, the frown lines or number 11`s, and the horizontal lines in the forehead.

Any of these areas can be treated independently, Dr. Audrey will advise you which areas you are most likely to benefit from with anti-wrinkle treatment.

When you come to Molesworth Clinic for Facial Rejuvenation for your initial free consultation,  Dr. Audrey will do a thorough assessment of your face and advise you which areas you will benefit most from with anti-wrinkle treatment.

We are located in the Dublin city centre area, a 2 minute walk from Grafton Street. In Dublin anti-wrinkle treatments are becoming more and more popular among both males and females. The commonest age of our patients who attend for anti-wrinkle injections is 30year olds, however our patients age range extends from 21-60 .

Why anti-wrinkle?

Anti-wrinkle injections are a safe and effective way of reducing or eradicating facial lines without surgery and with very little side effects and recovery time.

How does it work

Anti-wrinkle treatment acts by temporarily blocking the neuro-muscular connection in the treated area, this has the effect of reducing the muscular movement in that area. When a muscles movement is limited the movement of the skin on the surface of that muscle is also reduced, resulting in smoothening of the skin surface, and hence an anti-wrinkle effect.

How long does it last

The effect of a anti-wrinkletreatment will be noticed approximately 1 week after treatment. Some patients will start to see a reduction in muscular movement in the treated area within about 4 days, however the most profound effect should be noticed about 10 days post operatively. This effect will usually last for 3-4 months, at which point you will then begin to see the muscular movement increase in the treated area.  This will indicate when you are due to have your next facial rejuvenation treatment.

How often will I need anti-wrinkle treatments

Most patients begin having treatments about 3 times per year. The repeated antiwrinkle injections usually have the effect of training the muscles that their movement is not necessary and so with time you can expect to need the anti-wrinkle treatments less frequently.

Will it get rid of all the wrinkles

The effect on anti-wrinkle treatment is dependent on the individual being treated. The most beneficial outcome will be seen on patients who are 1st beginning to notice wrinkle formations. This said, a huge improvement can be gained from anti-wrinkle treatment even in the most wrinkly of faces!

Is it painful?

The needles which are used for the anti-wrinkle injections are similar to those used by both children and adults suffering with type 1 diabetes who have to inject themselves multiples times per day. They are very small and the injection can only be described as a small sting. The actual treatment time is very fast and from start to finish can be carried out over a matter of minutes.

What are the side effects of anti-wrinkle treatment?

Like any area that has received an injection, post-operative pain and bruising are the most likely side effects. Swelling in the area where the anti-wrinkle has been administered is likely, but this usually settles within an hour or 2 of treatment. A rare side effect of anti-wrinkle can be drooping of the eyelid, this is minimised with accurate positioning and depositing of the anti-wrinkle agent.

What care do I need to take after my facial rejuvenation treatment?

It is advised that no exercise is undertaken or alcohol consumed within the 1st 24 hours of receiving an anti-wrinkle treatment. It is also advisable not to touch the treated area and also not to apply any make up to the area for the 1st 4-6 hours after treatment.