Your options for cosmetic dentistry in Dublin

We’ve noticed at our dental practice in Dublin the rapid growth of cosmetic dentistry in the local area, this has been fuelled by a need to look younger and prevent the ageing process with celebrities on TV being an obvious catalyst for this.

So what are your cosmetic dental options?

The best way to look at this is to break down your dental needs into each cosmetic area.

  • Cosmetic dentistry to straighten crooked teeth.
  • Cosmetic dental options for whiter teeth.
  • Restoring chipped or worn down teeth in a cosmetic dentistry.
  • Replacing missing teeth functionally and cosmetically.

Cosmetic dentistry to straighten crooked teeth.

This can be done in one of three ways, either straightening teeth with orthodontics, bonding small amounts of composite material to the teeth to straighten them or finally using cosmetic dental veneers to totally straighten the teeth.

The most conservative option is to use orthodontics, this retains all of your natural tooth structure and simply move the tooth to the new position. Bonding or dental veneers are also common, however they involve the addition of a new material to your tooth and whenever we introduce another element there is an increased risk factor.

Cosmetic dental options for whiter teeth.

If your teeth are mildly to moderately dark or yellow teeth whitening would be the perfect solution. Sometimes though, teeth whitening on its own is not enough to whiten teeth either to the preferred white colour or because they were so dark to start off with. If this is the case then ceramic dental veneers can be used to cover the entire tooth surface, thereby replacing it with a new whiter colour.

Restoring chipped or worn down teeth in a cosmetic dentistry.

The most conservative option, which is one that we always prefer, is to apply a small amount of composite material to create an instant veneer over the chipped or worn down tooth. This is only possible if your bite allows it and there is not too much correction to be done.

If there is too much correction for composite to be added in the form of an instant dental composite veneer then the only option left is to use a conventional ceramic dental veneer. These veneers last much longer and are much harder wearing than composite veneers, however they do tend to cost more as there is a skilled dental technician involved in the manufacture.

Replacing missing teeth that are both functional and cosmetic.

Whenever you have a tooth that is missing it is important to replace it to ensure that your bite, jaw and muscles continue to function well. It is also important to ensure that you are confident with your smile and this is where dental implants can be used.

A high-quality dental implant can often be made to look as though it is a natural tooth growing out of your gum, this is the most conservative and natural looking option.

Molesworth dental clinic offers a range of cosmetic dentistry solutions to help with all manner of dental problems. They also offer a free cosmetic consultation, the details of which are at the bottom of his website.


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